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This is What it Feels Like || BANKS

Thanks to my recent infatuation with female vocalists, BANKS has definitely been on my radar lately. Not to mention…I’ve played at least one of her songs on almost every single one of my weekly radio show. The lyrics, the instrumental, everything = perfection. If I made music, I’d want it to sound like this.

I hang on everything that you say
You knowing i see all the things then cry
You secretly are in love
And finally when I let myself fall hard for you 
I see you trying to pretend

Hey all! It’s been a while and I’m officially in College now, living the Colorado life. I recently got a show on the radio (every Mondays at 11pm Mountain time). Super pumped. Also, I plan on updating this blog a lot more about new music, concerts, etc. So also get ready for that!

Send them to my asks! I will be uploading a summer mix-list soon! Get ready :)

Will hopefully be seeing Steve Moakler live today! Pictures, Videos, and Reviews soon :)

Can’t Hold Us || Macklemore

I’ve been a Macklemore for a while now, and although I’ve known this song for a while, this music video just restarts the flame that got me obsessed with this song so long ago. The visuals are spectacular and I like this new rendition — it doesn’t distract from the original song, yet it adds new elements to it as well.

Also, does anyone know where I can get the Heist flag?

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Heart Heart Head [Single]

Heart Heart Head || Meg Myers

I remember coming across this song. Initially while listening, I found myself nodding a long thinking, hmm not to bad at all and then there was pure serenity and then 2:50.

The intensity was something I’ve never experienced and I found myself in tears, engulfed in so many emotions.

Simply beautiful.

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